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Aug Perspective, Are Merchant Fees Barter 2.0?

Dear Golf Industry Professional:
The dog days of summer are now upon us and hopefully that bodes well for weather and demand in this current month. This month's Perspective is headlined by Contributing Editor Stuart Lindsay who attempts to keep up with the myriad changes in players and business models in the internet tee times/tee sheet/PoS space. One new twist is what I'm calling Barter 2.0; the introduction of paying for your tee sheet/PoS system by using the provider's merchant account partner vs. giving up tee times as "payment." The other rumor we've heard (but don't address here because it's just a rumor) is that one of the major players is proposing to go to a $1 per round for every round booked through the booking engine which I guess would be Non-Barter 2.0? To get Stuart's take on the players, business models and his handicapping of the odds, click on the link below:
In addition, the August issue covers the following topics with equal parts of information and entertainment:
  • Contributing Writer Harvey Silverman chronicles a success story in Brevard County, FL where the municipality took the "graceful exit" from the golf business, handing over the reins to the two muni courses to Golf Brevard, a 501(c)3. It's a new model to watch as more municipalities are wanting to limit their exposure to the revenue/expense vagaries of running courses in these challenging times and yet want a buyer committed to keeping the space green and golfing 
  • On the same topic of municipal golf's cross-currents, Publisher Jim Koppenhaver analyzes the NGF's recent "talking point" that municipal golf has reached a high-water mark in the industry as measured by number of courses. This is the result of munis being "net buyers" of failed private-financed golf courses and Jim opines that it's too early to tell whether this cycle represents "vitality" in the muni model or "stupidity" longer-term
  • Plus the monthly Industry Scorecard (the only integrated scorecard of multi-source performance indicators) including the July weather impact results and the June YtD Utilization. We also chart the monthly timeseries for the year of Golf Playable Hours and Utilization while our Market Focus continues working down through our updated Top 25 scorecard with the 4th healthiest major US golf market, Phoenix AZ. Rounding out the issue, our Comings & Goings section catalogues, classifies and comments on 11 activities during the past month that range from the ridiculous to the inevitable, check it out
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