Last Update :8/28/2019

Exempting the "Golf Teaching Professionals"



250px-Seal_of_California_svg.pngWe continue to follow California AB5 regarding worker status for employees and independent contractors (IC) closely, as the outcome of this legislation is expected to heavily influence other states that want to improve their tax collection efforts.


A post-summer recess hearing is scheduled for this Friday, August 30, to deliberate the bill approved earlier by the Assembly. If passed in its current form, the bill will require golf courses and clubs to convert ICs who are providing specialized services to regular employees, or eliminate the service.


The recently-formed California Golf Alliance hired a local lobbyist to raise awareness with lawmakers, and as a result of efforts, legislators may expand the list of exempted IC categories. The Alliance recommended that the golf industry limit its IC category to "Golf Teaching Professionals" -- the largest sector of our combined industry staff roles, and in accordance, we submitted a joint letter to California legislative leadership supporting the continuation of "Golf Teaching Professionals" as ICs.


NGCOA will keep you informed of updates and decisions made related to this legislation; you can read more and continue this conversation with other NGCOA members in Accelerate's Advocacy Center, or contact me directly with questions.



Ronnie Miles

Director of Advocacy


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