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Feb Perspective: Course financing, the woke go for broke

Greetings golf stakeholders:

We're now officially past the winter midpoint for those of us in the northern climes, the trade shows are behind us and the spring season lies ahead. Publisher Jim K. "calls his own number" for the lead story in February analyzing the recent transaction of Belmont GC in Richmond VA where Henrico County unloads a failing golf operation to The First Tee of Greater Richmond. In what he refers to as woke ambitions chased by joke financials, he looks at the structure of the deal, the numbers and professionally opines on the likelihood of success for either party. For the full story, click here:

The Pellucid Perspective - February 2020

In addition, our midwinter narrative includes the following infotainment:

·    Contributing Editor Stuart Lindsay takes apart the recent USGA 302 page "discovery on distance" and distills the puts and calls into <1,500 words. Two things that jump out at Stuart are the fact that the distance report appears to be an attempt to continue beating the drum for the USGA's subliminal messaging on "sustainability issues" vs. focusing on the matter-at-hand as well as the fact that many of the findings relate to skilled and competitive players (~5% of the universe) but ring hollow for the average golfer (~95% of participants). Look inside for his condensed synopsis and what it likely means if you're in the 95% audience.


·    Contributing Writer Harvey Silverman offers his 36,000 ft (guessing that's from the plane en route back to San Francisco) retrospective of this year's edition of the PGA Merchandise Show and Golf Business Conference (GBC). We fully concur with his observation that the shared location and sequential timing of the GBC and the PGA Show was a big hit and one of those pleasantly-surprising "who knew?" discoveries by the two associations.


·    Plus the monthly Industry Scorecard (the only integrated scorecard of multi-source performance indicators) including the January weather impact results (way up!) and December YtD Utilization (eked out a small gain). We also chart the monthly timeseries for the year of Golf Playable Hours and Utilization while our Market Focus spotlight of the Top 25 US Golf Markets falls on San Francisco, CA the 10th healthiest market by our proprietary, multi-dimensional scorecard. Rounding out the issue, our Comings & Goings section catalogues, classifies and comments on 25 activities during the past month with transactions beating closures by a score of 14 to 7 aided by KSL's wholesale purchase of Heritage Golf and their 6-course portfolio (the end of the multi-year "unwinding" from the Bob Husband era when Heritage owned or managed 25+ courses).


·    As a reminder, Pellucid's '19 State of the Industry presentation is available in the wake of their multiple presentations in Orlando. You can get the presentation slides and access to the recorded presentation now and the commentary report by Stuart (with the December rounds charts updated) will be available to the SoI Suite purchasers by the end of this month. To see the purchase options from $100-$495 click here


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